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You are an investors dream because you have the flexibility to take advantage of a situation anywhere in the world if it works for you. That’s a dream. I honestly said, if I were 20 years younger I’d fund the whole two million dollars (Magnetic Alliance’s capital raise project) because somewhere in your basic operations you’re gonna be very successful. You have all the flexibility to pick and choose a transaction when it comes up, and that flexibility is very important. If people say 'you seem to be very high on Magnetic Alliance, why'? I'll be happy to tell them. I think you have the potential for a great future. I think you've done exceptionally well up to now, and I think you have tremendous growth and that you could be a major force, an investment force over a period of years
George Ross

Successful Entrepreneur

We got support and assistance from Magnetic Alliance Magnetic Alliance understands our business because they're involved from the beginning, so we get a natural advantage to be able to continue to engage Magnetic Alliance as our business evolves and changes and you get that sort of, you know, that knowledge accumulates within Magnetic Alliance and that can keep being leveraged to help us as our business grows.
Will McEwin

Managing Director

Highly Recommended Great workshop – perfect for someone with a lot to learn about business improvement. Very practical and applicable – highly recommended!
Chad Habel

Project Manager

It's been fantastic to have another tool in the belt. Obviously running a business there's different areas that where you need more support. Doing the Health Check was very valuable because we actually thought we had all our bases covered within reason, and then to find out there were areas that needed improvement. So the Health Check was was fantastic. And now we're working with Magnetic Alliance to implement and to fix areas that need improvement.
Lindy Hunt