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We Exist To Power Your Business, Fuel Your Lifestyle, & Help Make Your Dreams Come True

What We're All About

For Business Owners, CEO’s, and Managers who want to grow their business, Magnetic Alliance developed a 1st Class Head Office which provides access to a suite of tailor-made services, specifically designed to help businesses grow. Unlike other firms who operate in industry ‘silos’ and produce outputs, Magnetic Alliance integrate services to help you reach ultimate outcomes & business goals. Over the last decade, Magnetic Alliance has added over $1.77 Billion of revenue for clients across 140+ different industries.

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As Chief Strategist and Business Advisor, Mark manifests his passion for business growth, while inspiring the team.

Mark Lim
Award-winning CEO of Magnetic Alliance
Our Vision

Who We Are

"We help create excellence in business so that you can live the lifestyle that you love"

We provide business growth and improvement services to entrepreneurs who want to overcome challenges and risks commonly experienced by growing companies.

Our business exists to help people create better livelihoods so that they can follow their dreams and live life to its fullest. Whether you’re a client, team member, or part of our community, this is the purpose that drives us each day. Because of our strong belief in the value of relationships, we work with business owners like you who are passionate about what you do with a ‘client for life’ attitude and provide holistic solutions to your problems.

Our vision is to create a 1st class head office that businesses can access to achieve triple digit growth and build a lifestyle they love. Because our business model is based on creating long term, sustainable growth – in order for us to win – you must win.

The right people are important for us because we are a ‘family and friends’ business, and we build lifelong relationships with our clients, team, and other business partners.

Our goal is to empower you to become the best version of yourself that you can be personally and professionally with inner self belief to help you conquer challenges and live life’s journey with fun and fulfilment. We believe in walking the talk and have achieved triple digit growth each year on average since our business started in 2011. Our aim is to continue this every year in at least one area of our business whether it be revenue, profit, cash flow, return, or shareholder value.

Our Numbers

$ 1 B+
120 +
Achieve business growth in any industry

We provide cutting-edge modules taught by our growth experts active in their field, using proven structures and systems to sessions that fit into your schedule.

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Get started right away and learn at your own time with our flexible online courses.

Professional Certification

An immersive learning experience that empowers growth & excellence in your respective industry and adds to your existing skills and credentials.