Magnetic Strategy Development Membership

Understand what it takes to create a solid strategy, and have all the tools and templates required to create one!
Created by Mark Lim
Last updated 09 December 2020
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  • 1 hour & 39 Minutes of on-demand videos
  • 9 Templates/Worksheets
  • Full lifetime access

What Will I Learn?

  • This strategy program is part of the business breakthrough program and is only available by invitation.


  • Magnetic Goal Setting Course
  • Set time aside to work on this program on a weekly basis
  • Strong implementation



This course was specifically built for entrepreneurs, business owners, and high-level managers as a guide on how to build a robust business strategy from the ground up.

Why Is This An Effective Business Strategy Development Course?

A good strategy can help a business achieve huge success and growth, while a bad one can lead to its demise. But what is strategy? How do you develop it? How do you create a solid strategy? With so many training courses out there, why isn’t there much taught in strategic development? You will find out in this program!

We will guide you through a process we use to develop strategies for businesses in any industry of any size.

This program looks at how to create a robust strategy, regardless of how long your business has been going for. It will show you how to build the ideal strategy from the ground up by helping you connect all the components together to turn your big picture vision, into actionable steps, helping you turn your plans into reality.

Curriculum For This Course

22 Lectures
1 Min
 What Is Strategy & Why Is It So Important?
3 Min
 What Is Strategy & Why Is It So Important? Example
5 Min
 Module 1 - Overview
15 Min
3 Min
12 Min
 PESTLE Worksheet
2 Min
 Module 3 | Industry Analysis - How Your Industry Impacts Your Business
12 Min
 5 Forces Worksheet
1 Min
 Value Chain Analysis
7 Min
 Value Chain Worksheet
3 Min
 Market Needs
9 Min
 Market Needs Worksheet
3 Min
 Target Market
6 Min
 Target Market Worksheet
5 Min
 KVP Examples
6 Min
2 Min
 KVP Worksheet
2 Min
 Strategy 123
7 Min
 Strategy 123 Worksheet
1 Min
3 Min
7 Min