Magnetic Goal Setting Course

A course designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners set personal and business goals!
Created by Mark Lim
Last updated 09 December 2020
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  • 1 hour & 39 Minutes of on-demand videos
  • 9 Templates/Worksheets
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This course was specifically built for entrepreneurs and business owners as a goal setting course that encapsulates both personal and business goals.

Why Is This An Effective Goal Setting Course?

Most people set goals and don’t follow through. Typically, people tend to set new goals at the beginning of the calendar year, only to find, that by month 2, they have lost track of those goals, and carry on the year with whatever takes their attention.

This course is more effective because this goes beyond setting mere goals that people eventually abandon.

This course looks at the creation and development of the driving forces that influence goal setting in the first place. Gaining clarity on what really drives you and understanding how your goals relate to this, helps you keep the burning focus to achieve goals that really mean something to you.

The other element that makes this an effective goal setting course, is by showing you how to take your big (scary but inspiring) goals, and turn them into actionable tasks, that all align to your deeper purpose, which means that everything is do-able.

Setting goals is great, but unless they are actionable, people will eventually abandon those goals. Learn how to translate your goals into action, so that you can turn your dreams into reality.

This goal setting course is just the pre-cursor and is connected to a wider series of business growth and improvement methodologies that has fuelled business growth over the last half a decade. These have included start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies, which have shared the same underlying principles used in this course.

Curriculum For This Course

15 Lectures
 Why Setting Written Goals Is So Important
3 Min
 What We Will Cover
4 Min
 Goal Audit & Exercise
11 Min
 Creating Your Personal Mission
8 Min
 Creating Your Personal Vision
2 Min
 Creating Your Personal Goals
3 Min
 Your Personal Financial Goals
6 Min
 Your Business Mission
6 Min
 Your Business Vision
5 Min
 Creating Your Business Goals
6 Min
 Your Business’ Financial Goals
9 Min
 Converting Goals To Actions
5 Min
 Keeping Track Of Your Goals
6 Min
 Tweaking & Improving
2 Min
 Creating Your Personal Vision Exercise
2 Min